Q: When is Magnesia Festival held?

A: Magnesia Festival will take place on August 2-4 2019, from Friday to Sunday. There will be program between 8:15 AM and midnight.

Q: Where is Magnesia Festival and how do you get there?

A: Magnesia Festival will take place in Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki.

Suomenlinna is accessible only by water. The ferry service is operated by the Helsinki Region Transport Authority (HSL). The ferry departs from the east side of the Market Square, opposite the Presidential Palace. In Suomenlinna, the ferry arrives at and departs from the main pier of Iso Mustasaari island, on the north shore of Suomenlinna. 12 hour ticket costs 5 euros.

HSL ferry timetable

In the summer season, a JT-Line water bus service to Suomenlinna is also available. Return ticket costs 7 euros.

JT-Line timetable

The guest harbour in the middle of Suomenlinna caters to visitors arriving by their own boats.

The trip to Suomenlinna takes about 15 minutes and it offers magnificent views of Helsinki and the surroundings from the sea. Please note that during a sunny summer weekend ferrys can be crowded so reserve enough time for the journey to the festival.

Q: Where is the festival located in Suomenlinna?

A: Please download the festival map (pdf)

Festival map in Google Maps

Q: I bought a ticket to Magnesia Festival from Holvi / Joogafestival Helsinki / Tiketti. How and where will I collect my wristband?

Tickets will be exchanged into wristbands at the Festival site or in advance from July 29th to August 1st 9 AM - 6 PM at Neurosonic, Kapteeninkatu 8-10, Helsinki. If you collect your wristband in advance, you will get a free 10 minute Neurosonic relaxation for free.

If you purchased a ticket from Holvi or Joogafestival Helsinki, you can pick up your wristband with your name. Please take your receipt of purchase with you.

If you bought your ticket from Tiketti, you’ve received a separate ticket which will be exchanged into a wristband.

Q: How can I pre-book the classes and workshops?

A: Magnesia Festival classes and workshops have no pre-booking. They are participated in a first come first served basis. Arrive in a good time before hand if a class or a workshop is ‘a must’ for you.

There is one exception to the rule: for Reetta Ranta’s Sauna Sisters workshops you will need to pre-book a spot beforehand via e-mail (fully booked).

Q: How many workshops, lessons or other activities is included in the ticket price?

A: The ticket price includes all workshops, lessons and other activities. If you have a specific workshop or lesson you want to participate in, make sure you are right on spot very early. The spaces fit a limited amount of people and especially the smaller spaces can fill up quickly.

There are many things to experience during the weekend. Big part of the Magnesia experience is enjoying the island atmosphere, archipelago nature and coming together with festival guests.

Q: What if I have never done yoga before?

A: Most of the yoga workshops and classes are suitable for all levels. You also don´t have to practice only yoga if you don´t want to. There are plenty of other things to get yourself occupied with during the 3 beautiful Festival days.

Q: What is the age limit of the Festival / can I bring children?

A: Sunday 4.8 is a family day. A Festival guest with a wristband can bring along 1-2 children under the age of 13 to enjoy Magnesia Festivals atmosphere. Children are welcome to join the Festival also on Friday and Saturday, but please note there is no program available for children during those days. If you bring your children along on Friday or Saturday, we kindly ask you to be considerate when it comes to other Festival guests and their Festival experience, especially during the workshops that call for a peaceful environment.

Q: In what language are the workshops held in?

A: One third of the program is held in English, the rest in Finnish. You can recognize the English workshops from a star in the program.

Q: What to bring along to the festival?

A: Please bring your own yoga mat - there is a small amount of Yogiraj yoga mats in the workshop spaces, but not for everyone. Comfortable clothes according to the weather are recommended. If you are planning to swim or go the sauna, please bring your own towel and swim suit.

Q: Where can I eat at the festival?

A: Please read more about festival’s restaurant selection here.

Q: Is there sauna / shower facilities at the festival?

A: Yes, there will be a tent sauna for 30 people that has an outdoor shower and a swimming opportunity next to it. A sauna ticket (8 euros) can be purchased at the info tent. On the other side of the island, next to the Ruutikellari workshop space, there is a beach with an outdoor shower.

Q: Is there a cloakroom at the festival?

A: No there is not, but big items, such as luggages, can be placed for storage at the info tent. Other items and bags are carried along into the workshop spaces.

Q: Are the workshops held inside our outside?

All workshops are held inside, except two free-for-all yogas on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at Varuskuntakenttä.

Q: What are Magnesia Festival’s values?

A: Magnesia Festival is not tied to any specific ideology or trend. We want to bring together all people that are interested in living a good life. In the very core of Magnesias values lies the idea of Heartful Living: life that cherishes acceptance, knowledge and compassion as well as strengthening the connection you have with yourself and others around you. Everyone is welcome!

Q: I would like to teach or perform at Magnesia Festival, how do I proceed?

A: Application process to teach or perform at Magnesia Festival 2019 ended 15 Feb 2019. For further information: info@magnesiafestival.com.

Q: How can I volunteer at Magnesia Festival 2019?

A: Please contact info@magnesiafestival.com if you are interested in volunteering.

Q: We’re interested in becoming a Partner for Magnesia Festival 2019. Where can we get more information about the opportunities available?

A: We´ll be happy to give more information. Please e-mail us at info@magnesiafestival.com.


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Magnesia Festival 30.7.-1.8.2021, Suomenlinna

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