Amara Samata

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Amara Samata, a name received in 1999 meaning Infinite Oneness, following 20+ years of dedicated seeking, service & studies, in 2012 experienced a profound tipping point or spiritual awakening resulting in an initial 7-month period of nearly unbearable Bliss and a 3–years span of extraordinary integrative realization. She continues her Bodhisattva vows, showing up as an educator, speaker, teacher, healer, trainer & coach maturing as a powerful & playful luminary, an effortless, accessible modern woman, a conscious mother, entrepreneur and emerging benevolent & provocative wisdom teacher of our times. Amara’s mission is to inspire a collective culture of truth, trust & transparency for a thriving humanity.

Inner Guidance
In this interactive masterclass InnerGuidanceTM founder Amara Samata, shares with you her experience and simple but powerful discovery that creates a solid foundation for human optimization, conscious relating & discernment. This is a must-watch keynote teaching for parents and those ready to heal their past and live more fearlessly in the now. Grab a pad & pen and get ready to be guided into your core clarity & decisive CHOICEPOINT commitment, awakening your intuitive inner wisdom today. www.amarasamata.com


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