Greg Kaps

What days are the sessions?
Greg is a heart centered and earth conscious being who loves yoga, nature, music and this great cosmic dance (Lila) in which we are all playing together. Greg’s classes are light hearted, focused and full of gratitude as he combines his own life experience with traditional hatha yoga techniques to heal the body, calm the mind and awaken each student to their innate beauty. Greg has been practicing yoga since 2004, and has had the blessing of learning with many world renounced teachers as well as his heart teachers for years. Greg has taught at some of the worlds most respected studios such as Pure Yoga throughout south east Asia, The Yoga Barn in Bali and the Bali spirit festival. He leads public classes, workshops, teacher trainings and charity Kirtans.

Heart Centered Hatha Yoga

A heart centered and balanced holistic hatha yoga class created around the theme - Vasudev Katbakum - the whole world is one family. We’re all connected, let’s practice together and feel our community within our own hearts.


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Magnesia Festival

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