Mari Rasimus

Executive Producer

Mari is one of the founders of Magnesia, and has been responsible from the very beginning for the creation process, where Magnesia turns from inspirational visions into real events. With a gentle yet strong grip, Mari holds Magnesia’s yarns in her hands and is particularly responsible for partnerships, communications and marketing, as well as creating an atmosphere that touches the heart. Mari is an award-winning media and marketing expert with 15 years of background with big phenomenons and influential contents. Nowadays her passion is to create a more heartful and a conscious world. A world where people are more connected to themselves, to each other and to nature. In addition to Magnesia, Mari accomplishes her mission by facilitating innerdance workshops, speaking, and being a courageous example of a new way of living.

Asaf Peled

Production Manager

Asaf is a 44-year-old event producer with a happy and curious life attitude. He is a peacefully optimistic idealist, realist, spiritualist (and many other traits that ends with "ist") who appreciates the great and small wonders of life alike. Asaf loves to create new experiences for people through events, and to promote different and new forms of art and though patterns through them, since 1996. Within our heartful team, Asaf is mostly responsible for producing Magnesia’s events on a practical level.

Oded Peled

Creative Director & Music

As a passionate 19-year-old DJ, Oded started Misc Management with his big brother. The company focused on night-life and has taken the brothers on journeys of discovery, growth and a whole lot of amazing events in Finland and around the world. Oded is a naturally creative and positive person. Conceptualization, visualization, and painting big pictures have always inspired him. Gratitude is a word that Oded uses often. At Magnesia, he is grateful to be able to work with passionate people and create a platform that connects, inspires and brings joy to people's lives.

Kaisa Kärkkäinen

Wellbeing Content

Kaisa Kärkkäinen is one of the founders of Magnesia, and creating the high quality wellness content for Magnesia is her handwriting. Kaisa is a visionary and a respected yoga teacher who has also been involved in improving several well-being startups. She has also developed her own Heartful Yoga style, which amongs she trains yoga teachers and teaches workshops.

Mariela Sarkima

Wellbeing Producer

Mariela Sarkima has been an influencer in the beauty and wellness scene for over 20 years, by producing a variety of events, workshops, retreats, video, image and text content as her main job. Mariela is also a kundalini yoga instructor and a practitioner of Peter Hess- and Holistic Voice- relaxation methods. She has been a team member of Magnesia for the third year running with her heartful “Wellness Oasis”. Mariela's various expertise, knowledge of current beauty and well-being trends, not forgetting a tremendous network will help to create Magnesia the most exciting yoga and wellness event in the country!

Emilia Blomqvist

Content Creator

Emilia Blomqvist is a 25-year-old, “junior” of the team and the wizard of our social media. She is also a diploma reflexologist, Reiki healer and media student. At the team Emilia is responsible for content creating and digital marketing. In Magnesia she was attracted by heartfulness and a combination of passion and work. Emilia brings even more warmth and sunshine to Magnesia!

Sanna Kultanen


Sanna Kultanen has been a part of the Magnesia family since early 2019. Her background is in the film industry - as a film producer, manager of projects and associations as well as a festival and event producer. She is deeply inspired by the mission of Magnesia Festival - the will to help a growing number of people live in a compassionate, aware and responsible way, in connection with themselves and others, not forgetting the joy of life. You will bump into Sanna while she is coordinating workshop facilitators, briefing volunteers or in general planning of Magnesia activities.


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Magnesia Festival 30.7.-1.8.2021, Suomenlinna

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