Magnesia Festival is a three day festival & modern time wellbeing experience. Collaborate with us and help to create a more heartful world!

Magnesia Festival is a combination of dance, music, yoga, meditation, creative wellbeing workshops, healthy local food, Finnish archipelago nature and urban culture. The event brings to Suomenlinna the hottest names from yoga and wellbeing industry, DJ’s, music artists and audience interested in wellbeing.

In Magnesia you reach your target group in a relaxed atmosphere. Magnesia Festival visitors seek experience and inspiration for their everyday life - partners get truly exclusive opportunity to be in interaction with the target audience! Magnesia Festival is not a fair type of an event and that’s why our partnership style is similar to many music festivals - each partnership deal includes both activations at the event, as well as and in Magnesia marketing channels - digital and print. Every collaboration will be customized for the partner.

Please contact us with form below or via e-mail
info@magnesiafestival.com. You may also call Mari Rasimus tel. +358 40 702 9115, CEO and partnerships.

Sales booth at Magnesia?
Magnesia doesn’t include exhibition, so we don’t offer sales booths, but if you are interested in having your products for sale at the event, there might be some opportunities - please message us with the form below or via e-mail info@magnesiafestival.com.


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Magnesia Festival 30.7.-1.8.2021, Suomenlinna

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